Blackwater Environmental Design

Supporting Environmentally-Sensitive Development

Interrupted Fern (Osmunda claytonia)


Blackwater Environmental Design (BED) provides subsurface disposal (septic) system inspection and design, and wetland delineation services across central New Hampshire.

BED is a company that takes a different approach to meet our client’s environmental design needs. Instead of imposing a design onto the site, we "read the lines of Nature’s palm" to determine the true characteristics of the landscape.

A part-time venture, BED has low-overhead and a flexible schedule, making it especially well-suited to work with homeowners who plan to install their own systems.



267 Hensmith Road

Salisbury, NH   03268


To contact us:

Phone: 603-648-6586

Mobile: 603-630-7898


Soil, slope, hydrology, and vegetation combine in a unique pattern, giving each site its own strengths and weaknesses. Discovering these strengths and weaknesses and applying this information to the task at hand, we arrive at a solution that is intended to serve our client’s needs while respecting the existing landscape.

Whether it’s a new subdivision or a replacement for a failed septic system, Blackwater Environmental Design is ready to provide an candid appraisal of your site and a design or evaluation that you’ll be happy with.